Sierra Nevada Multi-source Meadow Polygons Compilation v.2

Ryan Peek


Compiled meadows polygons for the Sierra Nevada of California containing 18,780 meadow polygons (total area = 112,567 hectares, 278,160 acres)


In version 2 of the Sierra Nevada Multi-source Meadow Polygons Compilation, polygon boundaries from the original layer (were updated using ‘heads-up’ digitization from high-resolution (1m) NAIP imagery. In version 1, only polygons larger than one acre were retained in the published layer. In version 2, existing polygon boundaries were split, reduced in size, or merged, and additional polygons not captured in the original layer were digitized. If split, original IDs from version 1 were retained for one half and a new ID was created for the other half. In instances where adjacent meadows were merged together, only one ID was retained and the unused ID was “decommissioned”. If digitized, a new sequential ID was assigned.


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